The Moon Doesn't Exist And Obama Is A Space-Traveler - Would You Fall For This?

We’ve all heard about the conspiracy theories behind the moon landing or behind the cover-up of ancient aliens and advanced civilizations. Yet these 10 are so mind-blowing, you might even fall for them.

#1 Poison Snow

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In January of 2014, some snow fell in the southern United States. Only, this snow was different. There was a flurry of videos posted online of people trying to melt the snow, only to have it turn black and give off what they claimed was an unnatural odour. Conspiracy theorists loved it. They began to claim that it wasn’t so much snow as it was a chemical attack of some sort, perhaps carried out as an experiment on the unsuspecting people of the south.

#2 President Obama Is A Space-Traveler

#2 President Obama Is A Space-Traveler
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According to Andrew Basaigo and William Stillings, there’s a lot that’s being hidden about the college years of President Barack Obama. They claim that he – along with themselves – were chrononauts in the employment of DARPA while they were in college. Their mission? To walk into a top secret ‘jump room’ and walk out onto Mars. Supposedly, he’s been to Mars twice, sometime between 1981 and 1983, alongside the men who have since come forward to tell the truth about the Martian program they say the government is covering up.

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